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Current occupations: - Working on translating my phpCMS to a perlCMS system; Should be completely dynamic; - Working on a new backup script with a database to keep track of modified files; Should be reporting back to a listener script which will then beam the modified files in over SFTP; - Experimenting with an IOIO board for Android (all done in Java, but still using their nifty API); Eventually dropping the IOIO and only use a Bluetooth module to talk to; On other end of the line is an ARM MCU (all in C), which can talk through the UART protocol with the Bluetooth module and thus the Android device; UPDATE: Project is finished Dosing Machine; UPDATE2: Another Movie $ Current project : Making a drone on a board A project for the University of Applied Science Making a drone which can be controlled over WiFi Commissioned by Priva Working on an unlimited budget and also they give goodies So far we received: - board (Profile) -- We are using this as the maincontroller board. -- All written in C - Parrot Drone -- This is for reverse engineering Collaborating with: Silk Electronic Design & Ashley Koolen // Status: Working HTTPServer with nice Javascript frontend to control ports through RPC $ Current project: Building a delta robot This project is aimed at building an multipurpose robot with the following planned functionality: - Solder arm - 2d painter - 3d printer - CNC This should make my live a lot easier since I am not that great with soldering, also 3d printing is kinda cool. In collaboration with: Silk Electronic Design & Ashley Koolen Ashley Koolen is very good at creating the design and also transform this into a real device SED is very good at creating hardware circuits I like this collaboration! -Trying to make an self-contained alarm system based on a Atmega MCU (all in C) using: - SD-card - Matrix numerical board - LCD-screen Learning: - C (those pointer, nifty but hard too grasp) - Perl (I love it, made me drop PHP, also made me more the wiser about those C pointers!) - Java (for Android development) - C# - J (but not so much anymore, not my cup of tea) - C++ (for the Mbed board) Want to learn (Could be a long time before I find the time for it): - Haskell - CouchDB Public git available on http public sudodev net
Feel free to contribute or use my material; Reachable through: info?sudodev?net @.
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